The prices are for goods delivered ex warehouse.



Order fulfillment is always done regardless of the quantity ordered in standard or multiple packs of the same. If the customer requires special packaging, the same will be prepared as required but without quantity discounts (special materials excluded).



Payments must be made to our domicile by the deadline specified on the invoice. The acceptance of bills and the issue of drafts does not constitute derogation from the place of payment. The buyer can not for any reason delay the payment of the due and can not rely on the exception until you have made the payment.



All our materials are sold under retention of title. Therefore until they are fully paid invoices, the materials are of our property, in accordance with art. 1523 CC.



In case of late payment in relation to the terms indicated in the invoice, there will be payable at the annual interest specified in the verse, see the rate indicated after the words "Annual interest on arrears" from the expiry of the deadline mentioned in the invoice to the actual payment of the balance.



The non-delivery due to force majeure or possible delays of the scheduled date from our. offer or confirmation, can not give rise to claims for damages on the part of our customers.



The goods travel for the account and risk of the buyer even if shipped free domicile. Any insurance are charged to the customer and must be requested explicitly in the order. In the absence of directions, shipments will be made by means that we see fit, but without responsibility.



They are invoiced in the pure cost reason.



We do not accept complaints after ten days from receipt of goods. Under no circumstances we will be accepted for return without authorization, regularly ordered goods.



They will replace all pieces by us as being defective for reasons dependent on the material or workmanship, provided that they have been modified and is not spent during the warranty period. Our liability is in any case strictly limited to replacement, declining all responsibility for any consequences or damage arising from goods supplied, including labor for disassembly and assembly and to any purchase of complementary parts.



The technical solutions of the products are subject to patent applications and, respectively, Italian and foreign patents.



For any controversy the competent court is the only court of Udine.

N.B. - The above conditions are accepted fully and unconditionally with the issuance of orders written or oral, unless our specific written exceptions.