ICAO and FAA certified products

Baglem® obstacle signal lights are designed for the burdensome jobs and made by durable materials, assembled by hand and several devices are used to ensure longevity and efficiency of lighting and signalling. Our products are a symbol of quality and reliability, they guarantee optimal efficiency thanks to smd LED technology and are modular, therefore you can create a completely custom and highly professional system.

All Baglem® Light Led lighting systems are used for the visual signalling of obstacles on high-rise buildings, towers, chimneys, wind generators, offshore platforms, etc… furthermore, the Low intensity obstacle light systems, are used to signal heliport perimeters to ensure air navigation in maximum security.

Focal point of the production of Baglem® obstruction light led lamps is the Made in Italy brand, the entire design and manufacturing process is developed in Italy by skilled technicians who constantly monitor the quality of the final product.

The red light obstruction lamps are developed and tested in accordance with the recommendations laid down by ICAO and FAA. The technical solutions of the products are subject to patent applications and, respectively, Italian and foreign patents.

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