Product Code: BGL-QPMPF120W


Command and control series Baglem® Light Led lights for signaling systems.

The framework autonomously manages the entire system, by controlling the state of operation and, in case of failure, activates the emergency mode, indicate the failure with remote contact(Optional SMS alarm transmission). This product boasts an extreme simplicity of use, operating autonomously, and a great economic advantage thanks to the optional dusk sensor that allows you to turn on and off lights automatically, eliminating the waste of energy and the use of personnel. Quick and easy to install internally or externally, protection from IP 55 to IP 68, material: metal, stainless steel, fiberglass. The control panel is supplied in total autonomy from polycrystalline photovoltaic solar panel 20W. Designed for rural electrification, data survey, telecommunications and special applications. Thanks to the versatility that characterizes this form, it is highly valued and used both in developing countries and the European market. This module is designed to work under the most difficult environmental and operating conditions. The anodized aluminum frame design makes this module safe, easy and quick to install in many situations. Every single cell and module produced are subjected to multiple tests and quality checks at every stage of the production process. Interconnections between modules are easy, practical and optimized for all configuration voltages.


On demand synchronization of all detectors in the system. (Optional)

DOUBLE light Low Intensity Solar Control Panel 20W