Medium intensity aviation obstruction lights

Medium intensity warning lights

Compliant with ICAO standards Type A, B, C, A + B and FAA L-864, L-865, L-866 and L-885

Realization of medium intensity warning lights

SMD LED technology, flashing or continuous red or white light 360°, 2.000Cd and 20.000Cd

Testing of medium intensity warning lights

Testing, Maintenance, After sales assistance

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The range of medium intensity aviation obstruction lights of MR it’s entirely based on LED. The lighting devices are based on the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) and FAA (Federal Aviation Administration).

The medium intensity obstacle signal lights are installed on vertical and horizontal structures such as: Airports, Buildings, Telecommunications towers, Chimneys, High voltage pylons, Cooling towers, Cranes and Bridges with the purpose of avoiding air collisions.