Low intensity aviation obstruction lights ICAO

Designed in Italy Low intensity warning lights

SMD LED technology, intensity 10 Cd and 32 Cd

Manifactured and assembled by qualified staff

Compliant with ICAO, Type A, B and FAA L-810 regulations

Verified and Tested as per current regulations

Testing, Maintenance, After sales support

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Baglem® Light Led Low Intensity aviation obstruction lights comply with ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) Type A, B and FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) L-810. With SMD LED technology, these devices offer red light with an intensity of 10 Cd and 32 Cd capable of meeting the most common applications.

Baglem® Light Led obstacle warning lights are installed on vertical and horizontal structures such as: Airports, Buildings, Telecommunications Towers, Chimneys, High Voltage Pylons, Cooling Towers, Cranes, Bridges, for the purpose of avoiding air collisions.