DOUBLE lights metal controller 1>3 - supply 48VDC - Technical Sheet

Command and control series Baglem® Light Led lights for signaling systems.

The framework autonomously manages the whole system thanks to the integrated software that allows him to assess the number of lamps connected, by controlling the state of operation and, in case of failure, activates the emergency mode, signaling the fault on the screen or with a remote contact . (Optional SMS alarm transmission)

This product boasts an extreme simplicity of use, operating autonomously, and a great economic advantage thanks to the optional dusk sensor that allows you to turn on and off lights automatically, eliminating the waste of energy and the use of personnel.

Quick and easy to install internally or externally, protection from IP 55 to IP 68, material: metal, stainless steel, fiberglass. It can be powered from a landline or alternative energy. The control panel is also able to work with both power supplies using the fixed network simultaneously for operating and charging the battery packs, if the mains supply is interrupted, use the batteries (UPS) to keep working until reset the fixed network.

On demand synchronization of all detectors in the system

Product characteristics

Brand Baglem® Light Led
Weight45 KG +/- 10%
Height300>600 mm
Width300>600 mm
Depth155>300 mm
Degree of protectionIP 55 > 68
Isolation classClasse I
Secondary circuit12 / 24 VDC SELV-PELV
Max altitude2000 SLM

Power supply

Voltage (Volts)48 VDC
Number of steps+ / - / PE
Maximum current>5 A

Installation and storage

Permanent fixingFischer ø8
Operating temperature-20°C \ +50°C **

Reference standars

CEI EN 61439

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