The Baglem® Light Led control panel for obstacle lights autonomously manages the warning system and turns on the obstacle lights at night.

The standard version includes:

Power supply voltage warning light.

Lamp failure warning light.

A potential-free contact (NO or NC) for signaling obstacle lights failure.

Simple and practical terminal block for a fast connection between the electrical panel and the system.

assembled cable glands in order to guarantee the degree of protection against external agents provided for each type of cable installed.

More options can be included on request:

Potential-free contact (NO or NC) for signaling power failure. (on request)

Power line input voltage arresters. (on request)

Voltage dischargers for each Light line. (on request)

Key lock for closing the electrical panel supplied with 2 keys. (on request)

The Baglem® light led electrical control panel can be adapted, on request, to the remote control by adopting one of the following solutions:

A - Modbus and Ethernet communication module that allows connection to products such as displays, operator panels or programmable controllers. (on request)

B - The GSM Modem (Global System Mobile) communication interface which allows the transmission of alarm signals to be transmitted via SMS. (on request).

DOUBLE lights metal controller 1>3 - supply 400VAC

Product Technical Sheet

Product characteristics

  • Brand Baglem® Light Led
  • Weight45 KG +/- 10%
  • Height300>600 mm
  • Width300>600 mm
  • Depth155>300 mm
  • MaterialRAL 7035 PAINTED STEEL
  • Degree of protectionIP 55 > 68
  • Isolation classClasse I
  • Secondary circuit12 / 24 VDC SELV-PELV
  • Max altitude2000 SLM

Power supply

  • Voltage (Volts)400 VAC
  • Frequency50 / 60 Hz
  • Number of stepsL1 / L2 / L3 / PE
  • Maximum current>5 A

Installation and storage

  • Permanent fixingFischer ø8
  • Operating temperature-20°C \ +50°C

Reference standars

CEI EN 61439

*Pictures and photos on this site could not represents exactly the actual product delivered to the customer

Installation and product features

Installation on request

  • Directly on pole\ single lamp thread 3\4.
  • Supplied with stainless steel clamp for fixing on pole or wall.
  • Supplied with branch box for fixing on pole or wall.
  • Supplied with branch box for fixing to the ground
  • Custom installation.
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Advantages and features

From over 40 years Baglem® Light Led presents innovative and high quality products for aviation obstruction light signaling.
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Command and control equipment

The framework autonomously manages the whole system thanks to the integrated software that allows him to assess the number of lamps connected.
Command and control equipment