Lighting controllers

Control panel design

Design of command and control panels

Construction of electric panels

Installation of panels for signaling systems in compliance with the applications FAA AC 150/5345-43F, ICAO Annex 14,CAR 621.19

Extremely easy to use

Economic savings, less waste of energy, less use of personnel

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The Baglem® Light LED control panel for signaling systems complies with the FAA AC 150 / 5345-43F, ICAO Annex 14, CAR 621.19 applications. 

This product, on the market since 1995 is compatible with existing systems and does not require any adaptation for the installation, it boasts an extreme simplicity of use and operates in total autonomy allowing an economic saving thanks to the photocell sensor that allows the ignition and the automatic switch-off of the lamps eliminating energy waste and the use of personnel.