Heliports obstruction lights

Obstruction led lights for heliports

The heliports lighting typically consists of a circle or a square of lights placed between the surface called TLOF (touchdown and lift-off area → landing and departure area, in which is contained the famous H) and another around the entire landing area called FATO (final approach and takeoff area), defined as a squared area. The lights demarcating the TLOF and FATO areas are usually green or in some cases Amber, according to previous standards. In addition, the illuminated area can be larger by adding low beam led projectors. A heliport shall be equipped with at least one wind direction indicator placed so as not to be influenced by turbulence caused by different factors such as atmospheric wind.

  • TLOF lights: Located along the edges of the famous [H] "landing and departing"
  • FATO lights: Located along the perimeter of the entire landing strip area (final approach and take-off area)
  • Windsock: Can be unlit for daytime flights or illuminated to view the direction of the wind at night
  • Beacon: Visual Reference used to signal the presence of the heliport and having a higher intensity than the other lights on the heliport surface
  • Low beam LED projector: Emits grazing light at landing and departing areas without blinding the pilots