HAPI projector - Technical Sheet

The HAPI projector allows the pilot to determine the approach angle with precision. It facilitates day and night landing in normal conditions, without the need for other tools.

According with ICAO requirements the HAPI must be located adjacent to the nominal aiming point and aligned in azimuth with the preferred approach direction. The angle of elevation setting of HAPI must be such that during approach the pilot of the helicopter observing the upper boundary of the “Below Slope” sector (Fix Red) clear all objects in the approach area by a safe margin.


The main advantages of the HAPI projector supplied with series BAGLEM® LIGHT LED heliport products are: Long life LED lamp, easy mounting and calibration with special equipment, sharp transition from green to red and the intensity changes less than 3 times throughout the the full beam width, waterproof dust proof thanks to the sleeve gasket, internal water drained through outlets, hardened front glass against stones and other flying particles thrown by the aircraft.

Product characteristics

TypeHAPI projector
Brand Baglem® Light Led
N. of leds2
Light sourcePOWER LED
Operation hours80.000 h
Light colorRed / Green
Flash frequency50/60 Hz
Weight45 KG
Height600 mm
Depth700 mm
MaterialCarbon steel
Lens materialBorosilicate glass
Guarantee3 Years
Degree of protectionIP64

Power supply

Voltage (Volts)220 Vac
Operating lamp power Watts215 WATT

Installation and storage

Ground fixingFischer M12

Reference standars

In accordance with ICAO Annex 14, Vol. 1, para to

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