Tlof Baglem®Light Led lights

TLOF Perimeter lights Baglem®Light Led have a fixed, omnidirectional, green color light. The housing in powder coated aluminum, an eco-friendly process that ensures that the resins do not adhere to the treated surface and disperse in the painting environment where they are recovered and reused, therefore resulting in little pollutants, is complete with raised fixing plate that saves driveway 2 tons.

TLOF perimeter lights shall be placed along the edge of the area designated for use as the TLOF or within a distance of 1.5 m from the edge. TLOF perimeter lights shall be uniformly spaced at intervals of not more than 3 m for elevated heliports and helidecks and not more than 5 m for surface-level heliports. There shall be a minimum number of four lights on each side including a light at each corner. For a circular TLOF there shall be a minimum of fourteen lights.

The TLOF perimeter lights shall be fixed omnidirectional lights showing Green or White.
At a surface-level heliport, ASPSL or LPs shall emit Green or White light when used to define the perimeter of the TLOF.

Adjusting the intensity (brightness) fixed lights 100%, 30% and 10% are appropriate.


The Operator must define and implement a maintenance program, which, where necessary, includes thepreventive maintenance, in order to maintain the infrastructure and systems of the heliport inconditions that do not affect the safety, regularity or efficiency of flight operations.

White omnidirectional INSET TLOF light

Product Technical Sheet

Product characteristics

  • Brand Baglem® Light Led
  • Led suppli circuits3 circuits
  • N. of leds6 Led
  • Light sourceLed Smd
  • Light beamStabilized
  • Light intensity100 cd
  • Light colorWHITE
  • Led lifespan100.000 h
  • Weight650 gr
  • Height11,6 cm ~ 17 cm
  • Lens materialTempered glass
  • Lamp materialSelf-extinguishing
  • Body-base materialStainless steel, aluminum
  • Degree of protectionIP 65
  • Vehicle accessible glass2 t

Power supply

  • Voltage (Volts)24 Vdc
  • Operating lamp power Watts6,30 W

Installation and storage

  • Ground fixingInset
  • Operating temperature-20°C ~ +55°C
  • Storage temperature-40°C ~ +85°C

Reference standars

ICAO ; IEC 60598-1 ; IEC 60598-2-13 ; IEC 62031 ; IEC TR 62778:2014

*Pictures and photos on this site could not represents exactly the actual product delivered to the customer

Installation and product features

Installation on request

  • Directly on pole\ single lamp thread 3\4.
  • Supplied with stainless steel clamp for fixing on pole or wall.
  • Supplied with branch box for fixing on pole or wall.
  • Supplied with branch box for fixing to the ground
  • Custom installation.
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Advantages and features

From over 40 years Baglem® Light Led presents innovative and high quality products for aviation obstruction light signaling.
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