A heliport must be equipped with at least one wind direction indicator; It should be placed to reflect wind conditions without being affected by the turmoil caused by nearby objects or the flow down of the rotor. It must be visible from a helicopter in flight, in hover, or when moving on the ground, it must be built to provide a clear indication of the direction of the wind and an indicative measurement of wind speed. It is made of a cone shaped light fabric, the indicator color should be chosen to be clearly visible and understandable from a height of at least 200 m above the heliport, taking into account the background, where possible it is better to adopt a single color, preferably white or orange. When it is required a combination of two colors, to provide adequate contrast against a variable background, it must be white and orange, white and red or white and black, they are arranged in five alternate bands, the first and the last one of the darker color. A wind direction indicator on a heliport with nocturnal activity must be illuminated.

Windsock for helipads

Product Technical Sheet

Product characteristics

  • Brand Baglem® Light Led
  • Light sourceOptional
  • Light colorRed and White Windsock
  • Weight70 Kg
  • Height2 / 4 / 6 mt
  • Widthwindsock MAX ø 0,60 - ø 0,36 Mt
  • MaterialGalvanized Steel / Stainless Steel
  • Wind speed160 km/h

Power supply

Installation and storage

  • Ground fixingFischer 8 mm

Reference standars

ICAO Annesso 14, Vol. 2, cap. 5-3-8

*Pictures and photos on this site could not represents exactly the actual product delivered to the customer

Installation and product features

Installation on request

  • Directly on pole\ single lamp thread 3\4.
  • Supplied with stainless steel clamp for fixing on pole or wall.
  • Supplied with branch box for fixing on pole or wall.
  • Supplied with branch box for fixing to the ground
  • Custom installation.
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Advantages and features

From over 40 years Baglem® Light Led presents innovative and high quality products for aviation obstruction light signaling.
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Command and control equipment

The framework autonomously manages the whole system thanks to the integrated software that allows him to assess the number of lamps connected.
Command and control equipment