Aluminum helipads and related equipment

Helitecnica has developed his own line of aluminum profiles (AludeckĀ®) for the helipad pancake.

In addition, all necessary elements are supplied to comply with the standards; visual aids, fire fighting system, perimeter safety net, etc., as well as optional items.

All products have European Certification of quality.

Manufacture & Supply


With Helitecnica helipuertos ligeros S.L. planning and installation of onshore and offshore aluminum helipads.


Installation on request

  • Directly on pole\ single lamp thread 3\4.
  • Supplied with stainless steel clamp for fixing on pole or wall.
  • Supplied with branch box for fixing on pole or wall.
  • Supplied with branch box for fixing to the ground
  • Custom installation.
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Advantages and features

From over 40 years Baglem® Light Led presents innovative and high quality products for aviation obstruction light signaling.
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Heliports obstruction lights

The heliports lighting typically consists of a circle or a square of lights placed between the surface called TLOF and another around the entire landing area called FATO
Obstruction led lights for heliports