Baglem® Led Light, begins the procedure for the certification ISO 9001:2008-IMQ
The certification system that makes the difference - IMQ

A management system is a set of rules and procedures, defined in a standard recognized at the international level, an organization can apply in order to achieve defined objectives such as, for example, customer satisfaction and continual improvement of performance. 
The certification of management systems is the recognition of entrepreneurial skills of a company that has been able to optimize its organization by an efficient management, adequate facilities and appropriate skills, but it is also a guarantee of reliability for customers, suppliers, employeesand co-workers, the more valid the more prestigious the entity that issued the certificate.



Advantages of Led Light Baglem® certification:  

  • A distinctive feature compared to non-certified companies
  • Guarantee of reliability against third parties (customers, suppliers, etc.) and improving the competitive position
  • Indispensable tool for participation in tenders, including international
  • Independent and objective assessment of the management system, conducted by experienced personnel
   • Instrument of rationalization and greater knowledge of business processes as well asmonitoring and measurement in addition and verification of internal quality controls.