Military Night Heliport for the 5th Aviation Regiment "Rigel" in Casarsa della Delizia

The work of the new luminous signals for night flight based on the criteria of the new regulation of the National Civil Aviation Authority ENAC, STANAG, ICAO and NATO to the 5th Army Aviation Regiment "Rigel" based on the airport "sedime" of Casarsa della Delizia in the province of Pordenone.

Baglem in collaboration with the Army Aviation, after almost a year of trials and tests, has installed the new visual aids compatible with light visors (Night Vision Goggles-NVG).

The evaluation activity was carried out on the ground and in flight by the military pilot and air navigation personnel of the 5th Rigel, equipped with an NVG light identification system of the ANVIS 6 and 9 type, with the use of AW129D and NH90 helicopters also equipped with thermal infrared IR as an aid to navigation with success.

Baglem thanks all the collaborators and the military and air-navigating personnel for the result obtained.

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