Nighttime helipad of the "Santa Maria alle Scotte" hospital in Siena

Siena, March 15, 2024 - The "Santa Maria alle Scotte" hospital heliport in Siena is now enabled for night flight operations thanks to the completion of the lighting system upgrade work carried out by Baglem, a leading company in the sector. The intervention was performed in compliance with the new criteria of the ENAC regulation, guaranteeing maximum safety and reliability for night helicopter rescue operations.

A Complete Catalog for the Night Helipad: Italian Excellence at Your Service:

  • QEL 4.0: a latest-generation Baglem electrical control and command panel that allows centralized management of all lights and indicators on the helipad.
  • OPL: Baglem low-energy LED perimeter lights with high luminous intensity that mark the landing area, ensuring optimal visibility in any weather condition.
  • LSF: Baglem grazing light projectors that uniformly illuminate the landing surface, eliminating shadows and promoting a safe and precise landing.
  • LHB: Baglem LED beacon light that signals the presence of the helipad to approaching pilots, increasing visibility even from great distances.
  • GPI: Baglem glide path indicators that provide pilots with precise information on their altitude and trajectory during the approach.
  • LWC: Baglem illuminated windsock that helps pilots assess wind direction and intensity, a fundamental element for a safe landing.
  • RC: Baglem "Air to Ground" radio control that allows the lights and indicators to be switched on and adjusted directly from the helicopter cockpit, maximizing the efficiency and flexibility of night operations.

Safety at the Core

The implementation of these latest-generation systems guarantees maximum safety for night helicopter rescue operations, allowing pilots to operate in reduced visibility conditions with the same precision and reliability as daytime flight. The "Santa Maria alle Scotte" helipad in Siena thus becomes a reference point for night helicopter rescue in Tuscany, ensuring timely and high-quality assistance to citizens.

Our highly specialized technicians offer a complete service:

  • Product installation
  • Final testing
  • Dedicated after-sales support
  • Assistance

Baglem: at the service of flight safety

With over 20 years of experience in the sector, Baglem confirms its leading position in the design and implementation of lighting systems for heliports, airstrips, and airports. The company is committed to providing innovative and reliable solutions that guarantee maximum flight safety, in any weather and light condition.

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