New Installation of BAGLEM® HAPI Indicators

New Helicopter Approach Path Indicators BAGLEM® HAPI have been installed in the HEMS helipads at the hospitals of Chiaromonte (PZ), Lauria (PZ), and Policoro (MT), managed by ASP Basilicata, the Local Health Authority of Potenza.

The HAPI Indicator is a fundamental device that acts as a guidance for the helicopter pilot during landing and take-off operations, indicating the position of the aircraft with respect to the glide slope and ensuring the safest operative conditions even in case of restricted visibility.

Equipped with a personalized software and internal safety systems, the newly installed BAGLEM® HAPI Indicators have been calibrated and tested for more than an hour with the collaboration of Baglem technicians and the hospitals HEMS pilots, in order to ensure the most suitable signal for each helipad.

Thanks to their visibility that reaches beyond 10 km, BAGLEM® HAPI Indicators have passed all the tests, complying with the hospitals' operative necessities.

BAGLEM Srl deeply thanks all the staff of the Local Health Authority of Potenza for the warm hospitality.
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