New Heliport for Pescara Guardia di Finanza

We proudly announce the finalization of the new heliport lighting system for the Guardia di Finanza (Italian Gendarmerie) in Pescara.

Located within Abruzzo Airport, the helipad serves one of the historical divisions of the Italian Air Department, the Pescara Aviation Unit, funded in 1960 and named after the late Pilot Captain Paolo Mancini.

With the hard work of our technical team, Pescara helipad is now adapted for night operations and the use of night-vision devices, thanks to the installation of our TLOF Ligths with dual option, green light and Infrared (IR), specifically designed for the military.

The lighting system is completely managed by QEL 4.0, our electrical control panel for heliports, an effective and user-friendly interface to activate and monitor BAGLEM® lighting devices. In addition, the helipad as been adapted for radio remote control, thanks to BAGLEM® "Air to Ground" service.
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