BAGLEM® Floodlight

Surface Light


Uniform surface lighting for takeoff and landing area


1-3 white lights


Glare-free and adjustable intensity at 10%, 30%, 100%


Adjustable direction and position


ICAO Annex 14 – Aerodromes – Volume II – Heliports


NATO – STANAG 3619; STANAG 3316; STANAG 3346; STANAG 3534; STANAG 7134; STANAG 3758

Surface Lighting
of the Helipad
Glare-free and
Adjustable Lights
Light Colour
Eco-friendly: Recyclable and Reusable Materials


BAGLEM® floodlights provide the landing and takeoff area with a uniform surface lighting. The lights are designed to be glare-free, being below 25 cm in height.

In order to provide the most efficient lighting, the floodlights number may vary from 1 to 3 lights, that can be adjust according to the needed direction (left/right, up/down). The p
osition, the direction and the number of the lights must ensure the proper visibility of the heliport horizontal marking and must not dazzle neither the pilot nor the ground staff.

The light intensity of BAGLEM® floodlights can be adjusted at 10%, 30% or 100%.


Control Panel
Control Panel
for heliport lighting

Our products are designed and manufactured in Italy

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