Electrical Control Panel and Switchboard


Electrical control panel and switchboard for the heliport lighting system


Power supply: 230 Vac 50 Hz


Power supply on request: Engine-generator or Photovoltaic module


Adjustable intensity of fixed and flashing lights


Remote management through radio receiver, Modbus, or GSM module


ICAO Annex 14 – Aerodromes – Volume II – Heliports


ENAC – Costruzione degli Eliporti – Capitolo 5


EN IEC 61439-1, EN IEC 61439-2

Radio Control
from the Helicopter
Remote Control through Modbus
Remote Control
through GSM Network
Renewable Energy Technology

BAGLEM® QEL 4.0 Electrical Control Panel and Switchboard manages, monitors and provides power to the heliport lighting system. The panel can be powered by public low voltage network or, on request, by an engine-generator or by renewable resources, such as through a photovoltaic module.

Customizable according to the number of circuits needed, the control panel manages all the output circuits redundant between them, ensuring the 50% of lighting in compliance with ICAO and ENAC regulations. The low-voltage output circuits prevent potential hazards and risks.

Through the control panel, the intensity of the lights can be adjusted according to ICAO and ENAC regulations: fixed lights regulated at 100%, 30%, and 10%; flashing lights regulated at 100%, 30%, and 3%.

On request, BAGLEM® QEL 4.0 Electrical Control Panel and Switchboard can be adapted for automatic control and monitoring, through remote switchboard, radio receiver, Modbus, or GMS module.


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