HELIPORTS - Lighting System

According to ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) regulations, there are 4 types of heliports:


Superficie atterraggio elicotteri terra

A typical heliport situated at ground level


Superficie di atterraggio elicottero su edificio

A heliport situated on elevated facilities and rooftops


Superficie di atterraggio elicottero su nave

A helipad situated on the deck of a ship


Superficie di atterraggio elicotteri su piattaforma in mare

A helipad situated on a fixed or floating offshore structure

The heliport is a defined area on a structure intended to be used wholly or in part for the arrival, departure and surface movement of helicopters.

In order to ensure the highest degree of safety for the aircrafts during the landing and to prevent collisions and crasher, it is mandatory to equip the heliport with a specific aviation ground lighting system.

The light type (wind cone, beacon, visual slope guidance systems, FATO/TLOF/taxiway lights), the intensity, and the colour (white, red, green, amber, blue) depend on the ground, the topography, and the characteristics of the site.




The setting guidelines of the heliport lighting system may vary according to the regulations choosen by the country. The international aviation guidelines are set by the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization), but some countries follow the regulations of the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority), or the NATO STANAG (NATO Standardization Agreement).

BAGLEM® experts and technicians will analyze each facility and its environment to offer the best solutions for your needs, in compliance with international regulations and guidelines.

Thanks to our extensive experience, we offer a service completely customizable according to your needs: from the design and manufacturing to the supply of all the products needed for the setting of any type of heliport. All of our products are in compliance with the international standards and are constantly updated.
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Baglem Heliport Lighting System

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