• 1939

    Balzarotti's name is associated to the electrical industry since 1939, when BEM Balzarotti Elettromeccanica was founded in Milan by Ambrogio Balzarotti. Thanks to the deep passion, the culture of perfection and the great skills that the founder instils in its business, the BEM can thrive despite the years of World War II.

    Ambrogio immediately surrounded himself with professional designers which draw his curiosity and his desire to innovate, bringing the BEM to grow, and to create products to the limit of the 'unthinkable' in those days.

    The BEM has collected numerous and notable collaborations over the years, examples of this might include flameproof panels made for the National Hydrocarbon Corporation, the electrical system of the 4 stations cableway of ENEL at lake Desio in Sondrio and the installation of electromagnets 92 Kg heavy on railway points of Milan's central station.
    In addition, the company has been the supplier of other concerns such as Demag for which the BEM realized switches for electric hoists, FIAT which gave knobs hanging hoist or Gutter that relied on family Balzarotti the installation of electrical systems of their machines.
    There are also international experiences such as the construction and installation on behalf of Stigler Otis of various control panels for lifts in Alexandria.

    In 76 years the pioneer spirit of the BEM and the founder Ambrogio stil live in the homonymous grandson, with over 70 years of closely guarded know-how, able to give life to two industrial companies to ensure customers the solution they are looking for.

  • 1971

    The MR Mizza Renato, who occupies the electromechanical sector, manufactures electrical control systems and produces machines and industrial equipment giving rise to the ideas of customers.
    Under the brand MR the company also produces windings for the industry, single-phase and three-phase transformers, auto-transformers and reactors to customer specifications and standard custom electromagnets. Even today, the brand continues to develop futuristic technologies collaborating with the best Italian and European industrial companies, creating projects of great importance such as Solar Thermal Tracking System which consists of a parabolic mirror disk (ca. 10m2) which acts as a solar tracker reflecting the rays and focusing it in a solar boiler.

    In collaboration with Trudy MR ha also created a set of compact machines for the upholstery.

  • 2015

    The new challenge of MR comes with the brand Baglem® Light Led, a line of products for professional use for lighting and signalling construction sites, stationary and mobile construction cranes, obstacles on the fly, heliports, boats and nautical service lights, camping and boundaries pedestrian areas, traffic lights, sirens and industrial lamps for explosive environments.