Baglem® Light Led presents the single and double LED lamp, the latest evolution of lighting systems for professional purposes in the following application areas: scaffolding, cranes, aviation obstruction signaling, explosive environments, heliports, lighthouses, boating, camping and caves, traffic lights, custom lamps.

Thanks to the patented modular system, it will be easy to avoid all the problems of non-signaling and non-compliance.

Baglem® Light Led revolutionizes the obstacle lights environment by introducing innovative and high quality products that solve the problems of the traditional warning lights. Below, all the strengths of our products:

Strengths of Baglem® design

Strengths of Baglem® modular system

Strengths of Baglem® illumination system

Lights Synchronizer

Material quality


Traditional Lights

Baglem® Lights

The obsolete lights do not guarantee visibility even in case of adverse weather conditions, such as snow.
Baglem® lights are designed for heavy uses and take advantage from resistant materials, a handcrafted assembling and various arrangements to ensure longevity and efficiency of lighting and signalling. The cover repairs the lamp from impacts, falls, varnishes, mortars, snow or other, guaranteeing the cleansing of the transparent part, so that the light is never obscured.
They don’t have a superior cover to protect the lamp from weather conditions such as hail and a tip against pigeons, in order to avoid unpleasant inconveniences caused by birds.
It is possible to install some optional items on the top of the lamp, like the tip against pigeons, the anemometer, a radio/TV antenna etc, on request. The lamp compactness gives it an incredible resistance to vibrations, making it appropriate to be installed under any circumstances.


The secondary body "B" (or the primary body "A" in case of failure) generates a shadow zone (GREY) in the light beam (RED) of the working lamp, resulting in a missing or insufficient reporting of the obstacle.


A failure in the main system of the lights with a single body and a double lighting circuit can cause the formation of fumes inside of the optic, which can render the signalling inefficient.


The Baglem® system provides for t he adoption of 2 overlapping optics, separated and independent one from the other. The failure of the main light does not affect the right functioning of the secondary light. Furthermore, as these lamps are equipped with a rotating eclipse that can obscure part of the light, they do not interfere with the approved and certified lights of the airports.


Obsolete systems

Some systems of other manufacturers, which do not use the modules with circuit boards, despite they are trying to place the LEDs in staggered rows to get a more uniform light, they cannot overcome the problem of gray areas that do not meet the standards of the continuous beam light.

Baglem® System

The innovative BAGLEM® LIGHT LED system through the use of LED / SMD lenses ensures a continuous beam of light without any shadow zone already from close distances.


The system Baglem® Lights Synchronizer is based on the reception of UTC from the satellite system GPS (Global Positioning System) with an accuracy in the order of milliseconds. Virtually an infinite number of signaling systems Baglem®, provided by Baglem® Lights Synchronizer, without physical connection of each other are able to activate the lights in a synchronized manner with a time lag, between all of them, less than one millisecond.

An example of installations of Aircraft warning flashing lights, impossible to connect to each other with the use of cables, due to their reciprocal distance and the type of installation.

The solution to the ignition module is not synchronized GPS Baglem® Lights Synchronizer that makes it possible to standardize the ignitions of signal lamps.

It is useful for example to turn on / off continuous or pulsed, with or without sequences lamps systems not connected (even far away) but who need an absolute synchronism. Usable in any point of the earth always ensures the same precision and reliability being able to receive information from 20 GPS satellites simultaneously. Mode of operation and internal parameters set according to customer wishes and savable on flash memory. In case of loss of the GPS signal, even after 24 hours in the absence of the signal, the derivation is less than 2 milliseconds, which derivation is reset to return the visibility of only 4 satellites.


The Baglem® Light LED lamps have passed numerous test of resistance to impact, pressure and water. They are made in a not accessible body, with quality materials and LEDs that have a life between 30,000 and 100,000 hours. The duration is guaranteed in time!


Baglem® Light Led stands for quality, strength and innovation. The quality of the components ensures long life to Baglem® Light Led products, which are born for professional use and are manufactured in a traditional way by skilled technicians. The cooperation with independent institutes and suggestions that the customers provides us, give way to the active development of our products. A Baglem® Led Light product is marketed only if it is able to meet the most stringent quality standards.


Baglem ® Light Led gives complete freedom to your imagination, with products that are easy to install, from classic wiring to the innovative modular system which allows installation with one gesture and does not require qualified employees, and if that wasn't enough? Baglem ® Light Led does more! Giving you the ability to order custom lamps on request depending on your needs and your imagination.


The electric field is currently the leading producer of greenhouse gases. The electricity consumption can become the cause of almost the 50% of the CO2 emissions in the residential buildings and in the tertiary sector. The spread of domestic appliances has grown in our houses; computers and videogames are being used more and more, as well as the conditioning and ventilation systems. All this has caused a disproportionate increase in the consumption of electricity. If we don’t do something this trend won’t change!


Baglem® Light Led boasts a low environmental impact: all the products are designed and realised in order to reduce the use of resources and pollution, furthermore they are made by a high percentage of totally recyclable components and they are realized without using dangerous metals as lead and mercury. Baglem® Light Led supports the environment also through the longevity of its products, that don’t need partial or total substitutions and don’t generate waste batteries.


You don’t need a project nor specialized personnel for the installation, which can be done by everyone. You don’t need staff to control the functioning of the single lights every day, you won’t be bounded by a particular battery brand, nor to the purchase and the disposal of them, nor to the transport on particular vehicles and burocracy. You can benefit from tax advantages on the purchase, as they are professional products.


The LED power consumption is very low compared to conventional lighting systems, therefore the energy and economic saving is 20 times lower than a normal system. The life of LED products is about 50.000 hours and this is definitely the most incredible characteristic of this technology. The LED products do not radiate heat (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) and so the materials that are irradiated can never be damaged or altered in the structure. Unlike the traditional lights, the LED lights do not contain harmful substances for the environment, as lead, nitrogen or mercury.


the Baglem® Light Led system is flexible, maneuverable and strong; it’s very easy and quick to install, everyone can do it without specialized staff. Thanks to the connectors it’s very easy to be modified or enlarged, and with the same simplicity can be dismantled and stored ready for use.


the Baglem® Light Led lights can be personalized according to the demands of the individual customers. The lamps are provided with a rotating eclipse for the orientation of the light, a bracket for fixation and a quick release connector, in order to create an easy and quick connection. It is possible to ask for different characteristics from the standard ones. Several complementary accessories are also available, such as anemometers, weather vanes, videorecorders etc. The only limit of the Baglem® Light Led lights is imagination.