BAGLEM® Green Energy

Photovoltaic Modular Unit
Low Intensity Obstruction Light


Control panel + PV module + Low intensity obstruction light


Low intensity obstruction light, ICAO Type A, B


Easy installation


Designed for harsh environmental and operative conditions


Different size available, according to client's needs


ICAO Annex 14 – Aerodromes – Volume II – Heliports


ENAC – Costruzione degli Eliporti – Capitolo 5

In Compliance with
Customizable according to the Client's Needs
RED fixed light
ICAO Type A, B
Renewable Energy Technology

BAGLEM® Photovoltaic Modular Unit consists of:

  • 1 Control panel, equipped with charge controller and battery calibrated to the needs;
  • 1 Photovoltaic module made of polycrystalline silicon;
  • 1 BAGLEM® Low Intensity Obstruction Light, ICAO Type A, equipped with a mounting bracket.

The PV module comes in different sizes, in order to satisfy any needs. The design of the anodised aluminium control cubicle allows for a safe and easy installation.

Designed for rural electrification, telecommunication, cranes, and special applications, BAGLEM® Photovoltaic Modular Unit can operate even under harsh environmental and operative conditions.

Throughout the entire manufacturing process, every module and solar cell undergoes numerous quality checks and tests.

Our products are designed and manufactured in Italy

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