Aviation Obstruction Lights

Aviation obstruction lights are designed to mark tall structures like wind turbines, transmission towers, bridges, cranes, and chimneys, in order to make them clearly visible by aircrafts and avoid collisions.

The choice of the colour (white, red, amber, blue), intensity (low, medium, high) and type (daytime, nighttime) of the lights depends on the topography and the typology of the facilities that need to be marked. The number of lights and levels changes also according to the height and the size of the infrastructures.
SOV per antenne
SOV per edifici alti
SOV per ponti
SOV per gru
SOV per torre elettriche e tralicci
SOV per pale eoliche
SOV per funivie, teleferiche, seggiovie
SOV per torri faro
The setting and performance of the obstruction lights are strictly regulated by the international aviation guidelines set by the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) or, in some countries, by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). In Italy the obstruction lights need also to meet the requirements of the ENAC (Ente Nazionale Aviazione Civile).

BAGLEM® experts and technicians will analyze each facility and its environment to offer the best solutions for your needs, in compliance with international regulations and guidelines.



Since 1939, BAGLEM® is engaged in manufacturing telerupters, electrical switches, and industrial automation. Since 1995, we have been producing turnkey projects in compliance with ICAO standards, ensuring top-notch quality and efficiency. 

Thanks to our extensive experience, we offer a service completely customizable according to your needs: from the design of the aviation obstacle lights to the supply of the requested products (lights, control panels, sensors and others), to the installation on site.

Our selling point, that differentiate us from our competitors, is our BAGLEM® patented modular system.

Time Durabilty

Protection against harsh climate conditions.


Two independent mechanical and electrical systems.


Lighting at 360°

In compliance with ICAO, FAA, ENAC, and international aviation regulations.


Only aluminium and polycarbonate: 99% recyclable!

Performance Testing

Durability Testing

AOL on Mobile Obstacles

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