BAGLEM S.r.l. is a leading company in the field of Aviation Obstruction Lights and Heliport Lighting Systems. Our Group, founded in 1972, is present in the market since 1939. During this time we have acquired experience and knowledge that now allow us to provide our clients with innovative solutions and qualified technicians. Our goal is to deliver high-quality and long-lasting products.


Our History

Our beginning dates back to the end of the 1930s, when we established our first company specialized in teleruptors and switches. In the 1970s, our story continued within MR Automation, manufacturer of industrial plants and solar trackers, the first company in Udine that successfully obtained the IMQ certification for lighting systems. In 2010, MR Automation founded Baglem Light Led, a trademark specific for aeronautical lights.



Focusing on development and innovation, BAGLEM® has always been a forerunner in the field of obstruction lights. Throughout the years, we invented revolutionary systems, obtaining national and international patents. 


In order to prevent counterfeiting, BAGLEM® has developed a solution that allows clients to verify the authenticity of their purchase, with the aim of safeguarding our clients' right to a safe and high-quality product. For further inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us.



BAGLEM® is committed towards environmental protection and sustainability. Photovoltaic panels, recyclable materials and renewable energy: the future of the lighting systems is environmentally friendly!

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